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Arrgh.. I can’t find it. I remember reading a news article on the web about a church building that used to be a former mall or multiplex theater complex somewhere, and they’ve renovated it into a place where different churches could have worship services together in one location. Don’t remember the exact details whether the one church owned the building and rented it out to other churches, or if it was several churches that are sharing the deed or what.

But, I can’t find it in my bookmarks or my cache. And I sure won’t even try to find it in my physical filing system, which is becoming less and less effective for me to find things.

Does anyone remember reading this article and can link me up?

[update] This isn’t the news article I was looking for, but I did find the Peninsula Mosaic (Virginia Beach, VA), which is a multi-congregational campus. It’s a very creative approach to facility stewardship among smaller autonomous churches working together:

We are a multi-congregational church campus. As an expression of unity and financial stewardship, several churches have come together to develop a shared property that serves as a permanent home for us all. In addition we have developed a shared infrastructure to support the ministries of the various churches. Each church retains its denominational affiliation, polity, vision, and style. Where churches share common passions separate ministry partnerships are formed to expand ministry.

Also found these other articles about churches that share space / facilities/ buildings:

Mutual belief: Older churches share space as population shifts (Boston Globe, 10/5/2003) – describes community and demographics shifts; how mainstream churches have rented space to ethnic churches; how a Columbian pastor described their religious practice as part of their culture and is not necessarily theologically based

Breaking the language barrier, and the trend: Are We Growing?Though most U.S. churches are English only, an increasing number are launching programs in other languages (Christian Chronicle, 5/1/07) – multi-site and multi-congregation giving way to multi-lingual; multilingual churches vary in approaches to ministry – some use live translation, some have separate language services/ ministries [anyone using subtitles?]

From storefronts to sanctuaries: Strip-shop churches are incubators for diverse new congregations (Orlando Sentinel, 5/6/07) – storefronts ring with prayers and hymns in English, Spanish, French and Haitian Creole, as well as sermons in English delivered with Caribbean and West African accents

Three language groups to share same church (Tennessean, 6/19/04) – English, Spanish and Korean independent congregations share one church building

One church: Diverse congregations share space, resources, faith (Press Enterprise, 4/3/05) – Filipino, Hispanic and Korean congregations share rental at middle school

Sharing sacred space: Nationwide, established churches are offering a place to worship to other groups (Roanoke Times, 11/26/06) – fledgling churches are getting their start in the basements, fellowship halls and youth rooms of established churches; congregations are enriched with a cross-pollination of beliefs; many cross theological lines – one even crosses religious lines

Two in one: Faiths share space in ‘spirit of fellowship’ (Deseret Morning News, 9/4/04) – one older shrinking church temporarily hosts another denomination’s church undergoing extensive renovations

Churches share space by way of Grace: Congregations in the inner city (Durham News, 1/20/07) – 2 churches share building find mutual satisfaction in serving God from Durham’s inner city

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  1. Joseon_Illin says:

    Hey DJ,

    I tried fishing around for the article and came across a link that might have it:

  2. Jeremy says:

    My parents’ church is hosting a short-term missions team from San Antonio this week that comes from a church that bought an old multiplex, meets in one of the theaters and rents the others to different church plants. What a fascinating concept. I want to learn more about it.