multiethnic church conference cancellation

Made my first one-day trip back/forth to Dallas from DC today. Waiting to board my return flight in a few minutes. I’m glad DFW airport is a T-Mobile hotspot.

Had a productive meeting with Leadership Network. One thing we talked about was ramping up the number of podcasts our team would produce. We tossed around the question of how polished we’d make the audio production. We’re going to keep it raw and aim for quick turn-around for now. I haven’t gotten specific details declassified yet, but I think I can say what I’ve said so far. And, FYI, Leadership Network podcasts do have an RSS feed for your podcatcher and for iTunes.

This looked like an incredible conference about growing a multiethnic/ multicultural church next weekend. Unfortunately, it’s been canceled due to insufficient response. I wasn’t able to attend anyways, but I don’t think my one registration would have tipped the economy of scale. Here’s the cancellation note I got in my inbox:

Dear Friends:

Due to the very limited number of registrations, I regret to inform you that the Growing a Healthy Church in an Ethnically Diverse Community Conference has been cancelled.

Your servant,
Art Lucero

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