moving on up

our move from Vienna (VA) to Bethesda (MD) is scheduled for October 30th, just a few weeks away.. I haven’t started packing, and probably won’t until the day gets closer.. things are chuggin’ along, mostly work and hangin’ with my boy Jeremiah, uses up most of my time, and one of these days, I hope to get around to a long overdue web redesign on my home page

a conversation recently steered toward transparency and vulnerability, and I don’t want to formulate a theory on it, on why people are private, or slow to open up to people.. there may be many reasons.. apart from having been burnt in the past, or gossiped, or insecure, what I can say is the lack of honest dialogue and open sharing is such a hindrance to building a community of people that know each other and care for one another..

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