working and playing in Dallas

We arrived into Dallas just before 9:00pm last night, and are staying with dear old friends (Dave and Lucy) in Plano/McKinney for the week. For a late night dinner, we picked up some food from the Wendy’s drive-thru, which included my first Frosty Float and a shot at winning a Wii. What a great drink concoction those floats are: ice cream and soda both at the same time!

So here’s the deal, we’ll be here in the Dallas area until Saturday morning — if anyone want to meetup, would love to see you! DJ will be working here, Rachelle and Jeremiah will be playing here. I’m having a Jalapano bagel with Onion cream cheese – that’s all my hosts had. What a way to wake up!

[update] after much persuasion and arm-twisting, our host Dave started blogging tonight! Welcome to the blog world, Dave!

2 thoughts on “working and playing in Dallas

  1. Hello Chuangs! Your adapter should catch up to you by tomorrow or Thursday – we shipped it out yesterday. Enjoy your stay in TX. Are you staying with the Dave & Lucy we met when they came to NC (after your trip to London)? Don’t know if they remember us, but tell them we said, ‘hello’ and we hope Lucy is doing well.

  2. Yvonne, yes, it is the same Dave and Lucy Wang, our dear friends in Dallas. I just said hello to them! They are doing very well and chasing after their two five-year old twin boys Ian. Thanks for thinking of them.

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