trip down memory lane

We’re staying in Raleigh for an extra night, courtesy of the Meaders. They cooked us an authentic country breakfast this morning, with real biscuits that don’t fall apart and butter baked in (no extra butter needed), sausage, fresh eggs with brighter rounder yellower yolks, and grilled sausage.

perfect homemade biscuits perfectly fresh eggs from the farm

Absolutely delicious! Jeremiah rated the breakfast a “15” (on a scale of 10)! This video gives you a glimpse of the cooking action.

Steve Knight got a screen-capture of our drive to Raleigh yesterday afternoon:

driving to Raleigh

I tried recording it using the server, but my mobile Internet wasn’t recording-friendly. Right now, we are at a local Starbucks right across the street from Meredith Village Apartments where we lived from 1995-1997, right after a stop by Rex Hospital where Jeremiah was born. We’re broadcasting live right now a beginning to end of Rachelle making the Collage of the Day.