Rackin’ up the State Tally

Part of the joy of this trip is rackin’ up our state tally, or you can call it “measurable outcomes” if that pushes your button. According to my rules, your feet have to touch state ground, so just driving through without making a pit stop or sitting on an airport tarmac doesn’t count. Though Dj travels more these days, he lived a fairly deprived childhood and didn’t go anywhere so I still beat him at 34 states :).  I originally wanted to drive through the middle of America, via Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, etc. so I could tally up more, but alas we’re doing the Southern route we’ve mostly done before.

 For Jeremiah, he is quickly adding more states. He just hit #19 today, TN. Both of us are going to add AR tomorrow. Here’s his state tally roughly in chronological order:

1. NC (born in Raleigh, 1997)

2. CA

3. VA

4. MD

5. DE

6. PA

7. NJ

8. NY

9. NM

10. CO

11. AZ

12. TX

13. IL

14. HI

 Since beginning this trip:

15. SC

16. GA

17. AL

18. MS

19. TN