navigating with a GPS

Special thanks to Joe & Tina Chen for the use of their incredibly smart Garmin Nuvi GPS navigation equipment! We put it through its paces today driving around Creedmoor and Raleigh, giving audible and visual cues with ample time to switch lanes. Very cool hi-tech gadget! Thank you Joe!!! (tho’ we’re using it on loan, it may very well be quite addicting)

GPS on loan from

Putting it to the real test at lunch time, we looked for a BBQ place. We found one a few miles further down the direction we were headed, and we started salivating for authentic Carolina BBQ. We pull up to the plaza along Leesville and Strickland, and looked for the Bar and Grill. Turns out it was a Mongolian BBQ place! Gasp – there are other kinds of BBQ in this ‘hood. We opted out, and settled for Back Yard Burgers.

burger run for lunch

4 thoughts on “navigating with a GPS

  1. Godspeed… It’s a shame you couldn’t get NC barbecue. I guess you will have to come back some time.

  2. Jon, all is not lost. We’ll be having NC barbeque at Hillbilly’s in Charlotte for lunch.. though it’s western Carolina and not eastern Carolina BBQ. I was surprised how challenging it can be to find BBQ in Raleigh, you’d think with it being the state capital, there’d be bbq places on every corner 🙂

  3. Yeah, I forgot to tell you I rigged the Nuvi so it only returns Asian results. Ha ha! It was wonderful seeing you and family. You both are the same as 12 years ago. Tina’s words “Rachelle looks a lot happier for some reason”. I told her maybe going to CA is one reason. 🙂

  4. I’m partial to BBQ west of the Mississippi.

    It’s amazing how BBQ changes from region to region. This trip would be a prime opportunity to start another web site that reviews/critiques BBQ across the nation.

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