would Jesus use double entendres?

Hangin’ out on the porch with old friends tonight (not sipping sweet tea b/c we need to get good sleep tonight), and we stumble onto an old conversation from over a decade ago about double entendres. We haven’t used the term in years, and the last time we remembered using it was in a group conversation that involved our dear friend Laurence, who happened to bring it back up. What the total recall?! So we need your vote to settle a friendly little debate.

Here’s the poll — please weigh in as to whether double entendres have to be risque or not:

6 thoughts on “would Jesus use double entendres?

  1. Hey guys!

    Monitoring you from Abuja, Nigeria! I voted on the double entendres. Entendre is a verb meaning to hear. So you can’t put an s for plural to a verb. It just sounds weird. Can’t double meanings do instead?

    Be safe!

  2. From the sincere depth of my feelings to exorcize the past …. but the double entendre rant or a presenile dementia episode … cometh forward as like an thousand year old egg from the threads of our memories.

    P.S. this whole blogging of a comment was completed after 2 attempts…now should I be blogging.

  3. I guess now wouldn’t be a good time to mention the triple entendre…then 1 of 3 meanings would HAVE to be risque, or does it???? hee heee hheeeee

  4. double entenres and freudian slips are two different things. The first has to do with a “subterraining” meaning, intentional or not, within the plain statement within a context.
    Sarcasm and wit sometimes gets mixed up with this though many people use doub.enten. to lighten up a dry or serious conversation. Sometimes they’re sequeys into other conversations in order to digress or exit the current conversation.

    But fredian slips are always risque by definition.

  5. oh, Max, but a pun is just a play on words, and doesn’t (necessarily) have a double meaning. So what we were looking for was the term used to describe a phrase with more than one meaning, and that’s what double entendres are. 🙂

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