Fingers, Nailclipper and a Gluestick

Yesterday we were hanging out at Urban Grounds in Avondale Estates, GA and since I didn’t have a pair of scissors, I just made do. Part of the adventure of being a collage artist is keeping your eyes wide open and gathering what’s around. There’s nothing like a coffee shop to discover interesting finds and we had visited the Georgia Aquarium and Coke Museum gift shop earlier in the day. Having no scissors, I tore apart all my items, dug around our X-terra for a stray glue stick and used my fingernail clipper as art tool. I tore out the cardboard strip from the bottom of my Coke tote bag and threaded the handle through the collage. It was very satisfying to make something completely out of found objects. However, if I hadn’t found a glue stick in the car, any ideas of what to use as a binding agent? Any creative ideas of what to use from a coffee shop as glue? (the thought occurred to me that I could order a dozen sticky buns and scrape off the frosting and use it as glue, but that was going to be too much). Here’s the end result:

Collage of the Day 5

P.S. The Color of the Day (friday) was Coca-Cola Red

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