Departing Dallas

We are very grateful for David and Lucy Wang whom we met in 1991. Dave and I served as youth counselors at Dallas Chinese Bible Church and went through the June 8, 1992 DCBC Mineola accident together (cf. Jessie’s post about the accident.) All four of us knew each other before we were dating, when we were engaged, and attended each other’s weddings. It was very memorable to stay in their home this past week and I even re-slept on Lucy’s sofa that I crashed on over a decade ago. Still as cool and comfy as ever!

Since Dj doesn’t wax nostalgic (as Edna Mode says in The Incredibles, “I never look back, darling, it takes away from the NOW!”), I do all the reflecting and “what if’s” around here  What would our lives have been like had we stayed in Dallas since we got married at AABC in 1995? I’m pretty sure Dj would have turned out the same, but I would have stayed in my small circles and root deeply in suburbia. Nothin’ wrong with putting down roots, but part of my soul might have died with gaining the American dream. And there’s plenty of American dream in the country of Texas — mini-mansions for $300,000 or less and all the big box stores to go with it to fill em’ up. Out in a Frisco neighborhood for 5 days, I saw less than a dozen folks walking around the perfectly-manicured streets. Granted these were the weekdays, but the world can be so shut out and the eerie isolation so palpable you can gasp gulpfulls of loneliness. The ills of American suburbia have been widely documented and filmed, but I’m looking forward to reading these titles soon:

Dallas Discoveries

  • The ultimate scrapbooking store: Recollections, 4 locations in the Dallas area. Please, please come to Southern California soon!
  • The Craft Guild of Dallas: has fine letterpress and book binding studio