where to buy window vinyl sticker

One of the questions we get with our Xterra is the nice domain name sticker on the back.

xterra at north rim grand canyon jacob lake inn

We got it from www.vinyl-decals.com for a great deal. They sell Domain Name Decals to put on your vehicle or anywhere you’d like. You get 2 decals for the price of 1 with free shipping — just $10. They even included 2 smaller stickers, which we put on the side windows — so they cars that we pass can also see our domain name. 🙂

would Jesus use double entendres?

Hangin’ out on the porch with old friends tonight (not sipping sweet tea b/c we need to get good sleep tonight), and we stumble onto an old conversation from over a decade ago about double entendres. We haven’t used the term in years, and the last time we remembered using it was in a group conversation that involved our dear friend Laurence, who happened to bring it back up. What the total recall?! So we need your vote to settle a friendly little debate.

Here’s the poll — please weigh in as to whether double entendres have to be risque or not: