morning is breaking

even tho’ I’m still physically tired from my weeekend trip back from Raleigh, both from the exhausting all-day basketball tournament, running the event b/c we were understaffed, and the exhausting early Sunday morning drive back up to DC, making it in time for 11am worship service [discovering that our church’s worship center is WiFi enabled!] and the annual church picnic, and exhausting overwork at the j-o-b b/c of recent unexpected staff transitions, I still found myself awake at 3am, tossin’ and turnin’ in bed. Rather than toss-n-turn for hours on end, I get up, open my laptop, logon the ‘net for a while.. 90 minutes later, what can I share on my overactive yet exhausted brainwaves?

1. I wish I could have a hard night of sleep, the kind that is a solid 9 or 10 hours; 2. God bless Ronald Reagan and the family, he showed his flaws and his courage, a great love for America; 3. yesterday morning’s drive-time: who is the greatest president of the 20th century? it’s a toss-up between FDR and Ronald Reagan, depending on party-loyalty — why does even it all have to be so political? 4. maybe that’s an echo of John & James’ question to Jesus about who is the greatest; 5. great to see jenlemen return online, and weigh in with a raw and unprocessed and unpredigested snapshot of lsat week’s women gathering; 6. putting some numbers here to parallel counting sheeps; 7. debating whether to just line-up for the processional for Reagan on Wednesday, or to also line-up for a late-night viewing of his body in state at the Capitol Rotunda; 8. why? just b/c we can, and we live here in metro DC; 9. gotta develop a better rhythm for my eQuip blog, for which I’m getting paid to do..

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