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Get the latest information about growing healthy multiethnic churches—access the Digital Pass to the 2019 Mosaix National Multiethnic Church Conference for $99, with all the videos to the plenary sessions and main stage conversations. (I know there are thousands more who were not able to attend Mosaix 2019 in person but wanted to, so here’s how your church can benefit nevertheless.)

Mosaix 2019 prayer for Dr. John Perkins

Do you want to be a part of supporting the mission of developing churches that serve all peoples that are truly diverse, just, and sustainable? Yes you can!

Here’s how. Read this email below from one of the main stage speakers, Dr. David Anderson, inviting conference attendees to support Mosaix so they can continue their work serving church leaders to develop Multiethnic and Economically Diverse. Socially Just. Financially Sustainable Churches through resources, services, and materials. You can donate and give, even if you didn’t attend the conference.

The time has come.

Dear Reconciler, Bridge Builder and Gracist…

What a blessed and anointed time we had together at the Mosaix Conference earlier this month in Dallas, right?! You may remember me speaking a word of appreciation for Mark and Linda DeYmaz as well as for Alison Clinton on Thursday morning, in light of their hard work and persistence over so many years in leading Mosaix and making such an incredible event again possible.

Having myself been at this pioneering work of multicultural, multiethnic, and multi-generational ministry for nearly three decades, I celebrate the progress each of us has made in bringing diverse people and leaders together as one in and through our local churches. However, if we are going to truly give honor where honor is due, we should step up in this moment and not take for granted the ones whom God has called to lead and convene us as a Movement.

I believe the time has come for us to bless the laborers who have made it possible for us to gather, network, fellowship, and come together… and more than that, to help them scale collective efforts. Would you agree?

Toward that end, I have committed $1,000 in 2020 to Mosaix in support of Mark, Linda, and Alison, and challenge you to help establish them as our first Mosaix missionaries. Many of you stood up publicly at the conference and vowed to do so with me. Thank you for that. Wow! Please join me now by matching this financial gift if you have the ability to do so out of your missions budget or some other source of funding. You can do so by clicking this link.

Others of you agreed at that time to give $500. Some, maybe $100. per month.

Whatever the amount, my desire is to see $1,000 per day covering Mosaix’ budget in 2020, allowing the team to hire additional staff and scale their work in lieu of growing demand for help and services. In this way, we can help the Movement continue to thrive through their work and that of Mosaix in resourcing God’s Church with materials and support to help us and others build bridges of reconciliation in our racially divided world.

Will you join me in this financial support? Your gift will mean the world to Mark, Linda, Alison, the future of Mosaix and our Movement! Again to do so, click this link.

As I said that day on the stage, my mother would often say to us children, “Kids, don’t give me flowers when I am dead. You should give them to me while I am still living so I can smell them.”

Let’s appreciate and celebrate our conveners and organizers with gifts of gratefulness this Thanksgiving even now, if you have the where-with-all and desire to do so.

Let me close by thanking you all for embracing the unique call to build racial, economic, cultural and, most of importantly, spiritual bridges so that the multiethnic church can truly live out her calling to demonstrate Hope for All and not just some.

I love you, in Jesus’s name!

Dr. David Anderson

Dr. David Anderson

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