more blogging tools evolution: WordPress, TextPattern, Typo

Another cycle of software development is percolating as we speak. I’ve personally made the software transition over the years from Pitas, to Blogger, to MovableType, to b2evolution, to WordPress. Now there are 2 more blogging tools gaining new installs and migration among early adopters: TextPattern and Typo. I haven’t looked into these, and probably will stick with WordPress b/c of its on-going development, or as Presentation Zen’s sound bite: blogging is like sharks. You got to keep on moving. Software does not get built once-and-for-all.

Biggest unanswered question: what is Typo? So I went on a quest in the blogosphere to find out.

vandomburg writes about Typo and the Return of the Jedi; GeekThang chimes in on Typo as well; needmoredesigns talks about the backsides of blogs; Alex talks about being Typo-free; Billytheradponi rates some of these blogging tools.

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