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i have occasional conversations with friends + visitors to my web site, about how i might one day monetize this dot-com, which I don?t think is all that feasible in this dot-bomb post-dot-com-boom age, nor am i motivated to do any sorta goal-setting metrix-checking planning kind of thing with this web site.. albeit there is unique content here that a number of people come here for, or find their way here, part of me resists turning this into a profit motive, feeling like a sell-out, while the entrepeneurs out there would say that if you provide a legitimate service, wouldn?t it be great to be paid for what you love to do (that?s a primary focus of job-searching career-path-defining conventional wisdom these days, along with transferrable skills).. and the subtext for today?s thought is that I am much more motivated by altrustic voluntary effort than profit-making money-earning, even tho? I do have to make cash flow to provide for family and self.. and in the spirit of full-disclosure, links to books on this web site are tagged with an Associates code, so I make a very small residual from referral fees on book purchases.. again, very small.

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  1. e3liacin says:

    whoa!! Man you are rich. Here this “poor’ missionary make less than 20,000 a yr.How many books from Amazon do I have to link to my blog to double our income?

  2. DJ…. The world does involve money, often as a great hands-on example of teachings we need to learn and model ourselves. So don’t be afraid of ‘monetizing’ it — be afraid of doing it poorly in the eyes of God (& man).Wishing you well. You’re today’s featured blogger at .Blessings, Brother.YBIC,Neil