Monday Morning Reality Check

i think the pace i can maintain in visitin’ here is once a week, and perhaps on monday mornings.. as time passes by so quickly, i’m wondering where it is that i am heading, and where it is the world is heading.. i’m clear on my goal, which is Christ-conformity (a.k.a. spiritual formation) but i’m often sober enough to ask myself how am i doing.. i dare not delude myself to say that i am doing okay; recently i started a systematic habit for reading the Bible everyday, on pace to finish it in a year.. it’s the first web page that i visit every day now, and it even has it in audio, with archives in case i miss a day.

so the life i have is a gift of God, and no one but God knows how long that will be.. and with the time I am given, how am I spending it, and what is it that God wants to have accomplished in my lifetime through my lifetime? does it break down into goals and objectives? does it take shape in the form of relationships? does it take the form of how i have been shaped and how well i finish? or, does it etch itself on the life of others and how they are inspired and impacted?

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