mobile homelessness = people who live in cars

Stopped by and donated a bag of canned foods at the Junky Car Club annual rally, said hey to Mike Foster, and met a handful of Catalyst crew, including LV Hanson, there with the Catalyst road trip van.

Heard an incredible story of a lady with her son who are homeless and living out of her car. [ht: charlestlee] Here’s the video of Kathleen, who lives in a van with her 7 month old son Ezekiel and her dog Zodi:

There are an estimated 5,000 people in Orange County that are mobile homeless! Probably some in your ‘hood too.

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3 Responses

  1. LaMar Hinson says:

    WOW! Kathleen is amazing how she is helping even in the midst of her own situation, I don't remember even hearing her call her self homeless, she said that she would help the homeless by handing out food and clothing. She is an example of selflessness in the midst of a trail. That is big.

  2. ryan guard says:

    saw you at the rally, meant to introduce myself but I was helping out with the rally signage and the wind picked up right when you got there!

    i really dig your blog. we're neighbors here in the OC, so maybe we'll cross paths again some time!

  3. pinworm says:

    She’s not homeless, she just has a very small home. She has a car. Shelter. A place to go. The truly homeless do not have even that.