mobile card for total Internet access

Now that I am on a different coast, and have a different rhythm to how I work and where I work, I don’t think I need my mobile wireless Internet card any more. But I’ve got almost another year on the contract. So I’ve put it up for someone to take over the contract over at — or you can contact me directly to save me from paying the membership fee over there.

The hardware is a EDGE/GPRS/Wi-Fi PC card (Sony Ericsson GC89) and it works on the T-Mobile network. What’s great about the Total Internet data plan includes unlimited access to T-Mobile Hotspots at Starbucks + FedexKinko’s + other locations.

Far as I can tell, it’s for PC only, not Mac. And the contract runs $49.99 a month until November 19, 2008. I’m told that contract transfers are allowed. I hope so!

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