Minnesota excursion

we’ve finally arrived in Minnesota.. what usually is a 2-hr flight turned out to be an 8-hr ordeal, as our plane was held aground for over 5 hours at Washington Dulles before departure b/c of thunderstorms en route.. so we waited and waited, they let some people off the plane.. we take off after midnight, and get to our hotel at like 4am. After an abbreviated night of sleep, we’ll embark on our denomination’s annual national conference for the weekend..

things I’m thinking about.. the way i look at my life and what i do seems to be different from the average joe.. many men get all worked up about their work and career and aspirations, whereas for me, my career or work is not something that I get so excited about.. it’s there, and there are some jobs that I enjoy a little more than another (i have to make some decisions about jobs somewhere along the line), and so not being task-oriented and deeply concerned for people makes me radical in my relationships.. and it can be a tension for those who are solely task-minded.. some might ask, then, how do i get tasks done? sure, i get things done, and working in a professional environment and in a professional way is crucial for life and work.. but i am of the persuasion that teamwork, communication, and good relationships are an integral part of that equation. To only do the task apart from some level of relationship with people is to use people, and that is just not healthy..

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