mi casa su casa

after a good breakfast meeting with a pastor friend the other day, I gave a ride to a Hispanic-looking gentleman, who was looking for directions to Tysons II, but struggled with a broken English.. I pointed over toward a taller building (the Ritz Carlton that was there), about a 1/3-mile away.. then hesitated, and invited him into my car for a short ride. I found out he was starting his first day at work as a painter, and the bus he rode had dropped him off at Tysons I, and he couldn’t figure out how to find Tysons II.. his family was in Peru, a relative in California, and he was simply looking for work.. the weather was very cold for him (being in the 30s here).. and as I dropped him off at the door in the valet lane, he said “in Peru, my home is your home” (mi casa su casa) – what a heartwarming word of thanks!! I love the warmth and jubilence of Latino/ Hispanic cultures, much more celebratory and expressive than the Asian cultures I’d been exposed to..

this week I scored as an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs personality test, a.k.a. Jung Typology; usually I score as an INTP. I don’t know how much blogging is affecting my ability to talk about my feelings and/or getting in touch with them..

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