met my match

Lined up 3 meetups yesterday, and even with what seemed to be plenty of times between, the traffic was killer, even in Orange County. Didn’t help that one of my meetups ran into the
I-10 Shut Down for Hours After Pursuit Ends in Freeway Standoff. 2 of them refuse to blog, 1 does have a website — David Chow was most recently youth pastor at Crystal Cathedral, author of No More Lone Rangers: How to Build a Team-Centered Youth Ministry, and is now working towards a degree related to leadership development. I am amazed how much precision, science, as well as art, is involved in developing leaders. And great to see a leader developing himself, taking big steps of faith and risk, to serve others in what he’s doing at Leading Together.

My last meetup of the day was with Karen Sloan, who is seeking a pastoral call in the Presbyterian (PCUSA) church. She’s also a networker type, whom I met at The Vine, and she’d already metup with 3 or 4 other Vine people. She may have a book in her, something about the Dominican order (Catholic) and emerging church. If it happens, you read it here first. And as we were leaving our afternoon tea meetup, she was going to another meeting. Now I know what it feels like, to be on the other end of a string of meetings.

Getting internet time intermittently and timeshared, at the 1 sole PC with DSL, at my in-laws. Would be great if I were in Fullerton or Long Beach, where they have wireless Internet freely available for many blocks of their downtowns. But, it’s hard to see my laptop screen outdoors, I’ve tried. So, here I sit in Westminster, grateful for a place to sleep.

Today’s adventure: Knott’s Berry Farm with my boy Jeremiah!

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  1. Bumble says:

    I would love to meet up with you, but my OT final is this week. I work in Fullerton and my church’s right by Westminster.