Mel Gibson on ABC’s PrimeTime

a few sound bites from the PrimeTime special that caught my attention, and a few words on why I perked up — Diane: “60% of Americans, in a recent ABC poll, believe the Bible is literally true..” [I’m surprised that it can be so high, seeing how people actually behave – my guess is that people can believe the literal truth of those stories, while not compelled to put themselves into the metanarrative and live in light of the meaning of the Story and the Gospel..] Mel: “the Jews.. and Romans were the material agents of his demise..” [I thought it was masterful how he handled the question on whether the Jews killed Jesus, which if answered affirmatively, implying they were alone responsible and culpable, and thus people have grossly used this for anti-semitic atrocities]

“This is my version of what happened, according to the gospels and what I wanted to show ? the aspects of it I wanted to show.” [I think it proper to take personal ownership for his own storytelling of his version of the movie’s retelling of the Gospel story, and not using God’s name or the Holy Spirit’s name for ‘causing’ him to do it..] “I wanted it to be shocking.. to push the viewer over the edge.. too see that someone could endure that and still come back with love and forgiveness..” [thing is: it was violent, more or less so, but indeed, very violent things were done to Jesus the Christ..]

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2 Responses

  1. AAnnemarie says:

    Do you think that Mel Gibson is a reborn Christian. I have been trying to send him an email or a letter. I am trying to witness to him. Can you help me? I really hope you can reach him and witness to him. You are a reborn Christian and you do believe in the Rapture, right?

  2. Ricky Vandal says:

    I came across the discussion of Mel Gibson’s movie Passion of Christ. Some argue it’s anti-semitic. Now John Kerry is Jewish. The movie is said to be very intense and anti- Semitic and set to be a huge box office success. I was wondering if Dean and Edwards see the movie as a deus ex machina, that’s going to destroy the Kerry candidacy and that’s what they were waiting for and not so much Kerry’s intern problem