Presentation on November 30th

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ConferenceOn November 30th and December 1st, I’ll be at the NA-CCOWE (North American Chinese Congress on World Evangelization) conference English Track: “The Challenges and Future of English Ministries. This is the first time that the conference will host a parallel track, along side of the Mandarin Chinese language track. (Note that the event itself runs from 11/3 to 12/4.)

I’ll be making a presentation in a workshop about next generation Asian American churches. Knowing the audience is primarily English ministry leaders within an ethnic Chinese church, I hope to explore what can be practically applied from what is working among next generation multi-Asian/multi-ethnic churches, adapted from my presentation shared on several other occasions.

This week I got an email with the subject, “Does Asian American Christianity have a future?” for a symposium I can’t attend due to a schedule conflict. The keynote speaker Jon Tran titled his 1st talk: “Why Asian American Christianity has no future: The Over Against, Leaving Behind, and Separation from of Asian American Christian Identity.” That prompted me to think maybe I could re-title my presentation as, “Does English Ministry have a future?” I haven’t titled to workshop yet. But, then again, the conference name already suggests there is a future of English ministries, and we’ll learn and shape what it could look like.

Would love to meet you there offline and let’s learn together. We can even start the conversation online; add a comment below.

View the NACCOWE Conference Flyer and get registered.

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5 Responses

  1. Kenny Jahng says:

    Have you read Margins & Mainstreams?

    One argument for AA Xtianity is that we need NOT to assimilate and become generically multi-ethnic/non-ethnic, but rather pursue ethnic pluralism celebrating the history/ethnicity to the fullest. AA churches are the places where this can happen –> harness the creative identity in liminality only found in the margins that AA’s have been put.

    [via facebook]

  2. Kenny says:

    DJ — Sorry, I think I referenced the wrong text, although it can be read as complementary in conversation to the one that I meant to point out:

    Out of Silence: Emerging Themes in Asian American Churches by Fumitaka Matsuoka