meeting with Todd Rhoades and Eric Swanson

Been in Dallas the past few days for our quarterly staff meeting, although this was a short quarter, b/c we just met in December. Blogging this from an iMac at the Uptown Apple store before hopping on a plane home. This will mark the end of my travel season, as I’ve been traveling every week since the 1st of the year. Ran into Andy Cheung of Vox Veniae Dallas here, who’s an Apple employee who doesn’t have an iPhone.

One of the things that we Leadership Community directors look for during the gatherings that we convene for churches we work with (now known as “innovation partners”) is the kairos moment when the relational level of the participants goes deeper, and the sense of community get richer. It happened on Monday afternoon/night this week, and that was a wonder to experience. For us, we only see each other 4 times a year as a whole team, and the celebration was more energetic and more laughter filled the room, and mutual support will go a long way. It’s so nice to be in a room with people who understand and appreciate what it is that we do. Most of the time, I get blank stares when I try to explain what it is that I do as a “church consultant.” That’s the concise version. The 2-sentence version is “I’ve got 4 titles, report up to 4 managers, represent 2 non-profit organizations, but only have 1 paycheck. I’m apparently not very good at negotiating my salary package.” And then the 5-minute version is me explaining all the titles and some of the things I do. I still get blank stares with most people. Such is the curse of being an ideas guy and innovationist.

Now, Link Love to the people I hung out with: Todd Rhoades, the infamous voice behind and Eric Swanson, the out-of-the-box facetious gentleman from Colorado. Eric blogs profusely at his personal blog, but doesn’t wield TypePad very well at the Learnings @ Leadership Network blog. Plus, an added bonus to meet Dr. Sam Chand, a master networker and trusted advisor of key Kingdom leaders.

Politics did enter a few of our conversations in between the cracks amidst the meeting-filled schedule. One person who allegedly studied political science put on his pundit hat at lunch today, and said that Obama will be unbeatable and win if he gets the nomination. While I am still politically ambivalent, I do sense a growing momentum towards Obama’s electability. I could be persuaded to vote for him.

One frustrating thing about keeping up with the primary results is this: with as much technology and information as we have available, I have yet to find a website that has a nice visual scorecard where I can see the states, and who won, and how many delegates each candidate has “won.” All I can seem to find is bits and pieces of articles and commentaries. Anyone know of a website that fits I’m describing? The website would probably be Flash-powered, but I’d prefer it not to be.

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  1. Victor says:

    Not sure if this website meets your needs but it might be worth checking out:

  2. djchuang says:

    Victor, beautiful scorecard and US map with primary delegates results! Exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! You gotta hand it to the New York Times..

  3. Tom S. says:

    Two other scorecards that I’ve found helpful are those of CNN and Real Clear Politics:

    It will be interesting to see if the Democratic delegates won by Clinton for Michigan and Florida will be seated given the importance of those two states in the general election. It has also been fascinating to watch the breakup of the conservative evangelical coalition. For the first time in a long time there are actually evangelical pastors and leaders who are outwardly endorsing a Democrat in the person of Obama. In the not too recent past it would have been considered anathema for an evangelical leader to endorse a Democrat.