massive spillage

driving to work today, didn’t really make sharp turns or nothin’, but upon arrival, i found the yogurt in my lunch box tipped over, and spilled on the floorboard! yuk… i scooped it up with what shape napkins i had..

now that i know i have [at least] 2 people that read this journal.. my thought for the day came as i was driving in, as i think about doing the work of ministry, and how to be part of the process of helping people grow in spiritual maturity.. much of it comes to how badly does someone want to grow [a concession point, as you should know how much i dislike reductionism], and what i call a momentum theory of spirituality.. that a person who may have grown up in a church environment is perpetually babied and taking neglible steps toward spiritual growth and lulled into passivity for his/her spirituality.. while a person who comes from a secular background and is draws in a relationship with Christ, builds much more momentum in spiritual progress, not only to come into relationship with Christ, but to continue growing in that relationship.. and as that happens, the ingredients of using one’s mind, and thinking about the values and priorities of life, and developing intangibles like wisdom, discernment, and emotional & relational maturity, become such commodities.. those in fact are the qualities that form substantive character..

got an email this week from someone who thinks i am ‘happy’ and able to encourage others.. a surprising curveball for many who go on first impression and superficial interactions, for i’m mostly a laidback unhyper type of personality [presentationally speaking]

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