marriage and God’s will

Thanks for putting so much content on your sight. people who have made homepages rarely have any content besides just pics. anyways, i read your relationship theory section, and it definitely has cleared up some thoughts for me. especially about the one you end up being “the one” because of God’s sovereignty. so it is in God’s will… but how about if you marry someone non-Christian? the bible says to not be unequally yoked, so to marry someone non-christian, is to go against that interpretation of the Bible. This goes against, whomever you marry is the one God intended for you. these two sides are creating a lot of conflict for me.

also, i read that you held to egalitarian beliefs, but it clearly sounds like you have complementarian beliefs. i’m defining egalitarian as a relationship where the two have equality in everything… from decisions to initiatives to child-raising.

ePastor >> If someone marries a non-Christian, that is an act of “disobedience” according to 2 Corinthians 6:14, so when “unequally yoked” is being applied to a potential marriage between Christian and non-Christian, it is an act of disobedience. However, once married and consummated, it does not mean that the marriage is in a perpetual state of disobedience or forever broken fellowship with God. The Christian in the marriage will have to confess his/her sin, and be restored to fellowship, and the Christian in the marriage will have a few particular kinds of challenges and struggles not found in an equally yoked marriage. But all marriages, equally or unequally yoked, will have challenges and struggles. Christian ones are not any easier.

Some of the content on my web site is old, and I freely say that I’m in progress in learning about God, His Word, and His world. Currently, I personally would not hold to neither the egalitarian nor complementarian views regarding gender roles. I do not believe that things are unilateral, and that every couple and every gender has to conform to a strict rule of roles and responsibilities. The hinge point of contention, and I don’t have an answer myself on this, is whether I would be willing to attend and serve in a church with a woman head pastor. With all other gender issues, I have varying room for gracious flexibility and variety.

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