Managing Your Anxiety and Others You Lead

Anxiety has been a part of the human condition for centuries. It’s not a new thing that’s increasing just because of social media, faster changes in our cultures, and uncertainty about the future. Jesus Christ spoke directly about anxiety in Matthew 6, defusing its grip over us with 9 reasons why we don’t have to be anxious.

Each generation and culture has to wrestle with anxiety and find a way out to freedom and experiencing less stress and more freedom.

Leaders Have Anxiety Too

"Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs" by Steve Cuss

The recently-published book that I’ve found most helpful is Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs by Steve Cuss. It’s one thing to talk about anxiety on an individual level and most articles and books talk from that perspective. What’s more challenging is to deal with anxiety in a leadership context, where you are responsible for performance. My customer review over at explains more about why I loved this book.

We Talk about Anxiety, Shame, and More

Steve Cuss invited me onto his Managing Leadership Anxiety podcast to chat minority and majority cultures, the unique attributes of shame in different cultures, naive pastors, mental illness and more. Very grateful! I’m particular grateful for this opportunity and really truly enjoyed talking with Steve and I believe you’ll enjoy listening in to how he guided our chat in such a magically flowing manner.

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Things I mentioned on the episode and some other related things: