major renovation has begun

Thanks for stopping by, you’re getting a roughed-out view of the renovation that’s under way here at .. i’m folding in a number of blogs here into what I shall call a “metablog”, and then bloggerizing (is that a word?) the rest of the web site into a blog-driven engine, using MovableType.. and a new look-and-feel will be laid over this sometime in the coming weeks, hopefully before summer’s end. Along the migration process, found 123 Blogger Pro entries that weren’t linked in quite right (why didn’t someone tell me?), and I’m deliberating whether to salvage the old comments or not.. and, on the drive time this morning..

it’s the megachurch vs. neighborhood issue in the local news: Located just west of Tysons Corner, the church is already spending $92 million to build a 279,000-square-foot sanctuary — several times the size of a Target — and a double parking deck that will hold twice as many cars as a typical Macy’s garage. Every weekend, 8,000 to 9,000 people pour through its doors, with 13,000 attending on Easter. (also written up at ChurchCentral )

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