love change

it’s raining.. it’s pouring.. and i think i have furniture left out in the rain at the house.. we just moved this weekend from our apartment home of 2 years in Vienna (Merrifield) Virginia to my childhood home in Bethesda Maryland.. the house had been rented out for the past 25 years, and mostly neglected.. and with some tender love and care and lots of cash flow, we’re fixing it up to contemporary standards.. contractors that have been working at the house marvel at how old the faucets and outlets and other accessories are.. we’ll start unpacking after the windows are installed some time this week.. right now, it’s microwave dinners and cold cereal in the morning, while we wait for the kitchen to get done..

I’m reading Leadership Journal’s latest edition.. one of the best issues, as they’re talking about innovation.. I love change 🙂

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