LOST: luggage

God provided some time for me and my buddy Paul Chou to spend some more time together, knowing we only see each other a few times a year. We went to Oak Hills Church this morning for first service to hear best-seller Max Lucado live. Non-instrumental singing during entire worship, yet plenty of high-tech throughout, including jumbotron and mini wrap-around mic. Soft spoken and poetic delivery. Simple, clear, effective. Yes, you can go to a big church in 2005 with no music, but still lots of technology. Maybe if I say more about the church, Max Lucado might add a comment here.

BTW, did hang out briefly with Tim Keller this weekend. Not sure what sardonic thing I’d have to say to provoke a comment from him. But, I will have posted a photo essay later– tentatively titled: Tim Keller’s preaching hand gestures.

Paul flew standby, and was able to get on same plane with me, and sit together for some planning and forecasting en route to Dallas. He’s my CEO-type mentor. I’ll use some of it, but not all of it since it’s not me.

My transfer was tight in Dallas, so my luggage missed its flight. It’s coming in later tonight, and will get special delivery treatment tomorrow.

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  1. I love acapella worship… probably because i am from the same background as that church..