Lost and Found

first, big news flash– we’ve got WiFi, Houston! finally found WiFi, free at that.. a block away from the Convention Center, go north on 6th Ave, at corner of Church on left, is Provence Breads Cafe, open from 7am to 6pm.

2ndly, my throat hurts, after talking almost non-stop all yesterday afternoon and into the evening, finishing up by 1am at the emergent pub.. checked in with my lover (wifey) and she’s given me a go-ahead to keep talking and lose my voice at EC, wouldn’t that be a story to tell, er, or at least, blog about.. hung out with a crew from Willow World (they brought 21), and even found another Asian person in the mix.. met some of them at last night’s dinner, where they did an inter-church dinner mixer (which Pagitt said was sorta like making intros at a wedding reception, spoken like the poet, and rock star), and I self-invited to be in the mix with Conder’s crew, the Well, the Porch, and Willow World (aka Axis)..

even after having taken a speech & proper speaking class at seminary, I still find myself using my throat and vocal cords to speak, instead of using my diaphragm to breathe better and to speak out of my full body cavity.. it’s a habit thing that I haven’t formed, and so the risk is strained vocal cords, and potential damage could ensue if I were more of a public speaker, a la preacher that would have to deliver a talk at least once a week..

one minor surprise, even in this intellectual mix of cultural creatives, many people don’t know what blogging is.. the #1 search phrase gets voices, “what’s a blog”.. and I got a few occasions to point to Chris as he roamed by, sporting a Blogger t-shirt (of which I used to have one, but my B logo melted in the dryer after the first wash, ruined)..

today, I’m sportin’ my “I’m blogging this.” t-shirt, and will join the covert (I hope they keep it under the radar, away from the official announcements and news flash, and keep the pure essence of it being a grassroots blog-driven thing) dinner meetup tonight with the EC bloggers..

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  1. Rachelle (W.O.B.B.) says:

    Hi this is Rachelle, Wife Of Bonafide Blogger Dj just confirming that yes, Dj gets my okay to talk until there’s no tomorrow! He’s in his element at Emergent and I want him to maximize every opportunity.

    P.S. I’m his official clothes marketer, so I bought the “I’m blogging this” tee shirt after seeing it modeled on Jen Lemen, and selected all his Hawaiian shirts. Typographic design on the 5 Strengths Tee shirt also by moi.Have fun all!

  2. Bill says:

    Hey, DJ. This is Bill of “Conder’s Crew”… (a great name. We’ll have to get that one into circulation). Noticed we were the only ones you hung out with that night that didn’t have a link on your blog, so here it is: <a href=”http://www.biblechurch.org”>http://www.biblechurch.org</a&gt;

    Pleasure meeting you and hanging out at Jack’s and eating large amounts of smoked pig products. Hope to see you at future events.