long holiday weekend

Thanksgiving weekend is here, and we’ve kept it smaller and manageable on this go around. Thursday was dimsumming with my parents and brothers in nearby Rockville, and then Thursday dinner was a small traditional set with turkey breast (no bones!), gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce. Not being a traditional type, nor a reminescing type, I simply took in the warmth of being a cordial family member. Better than being alone, you know?

Now it’s only Saturday, and since we don’t get into the Black Friday shopping frenzy, it feels like having lots of time on my hands, and I’d resisted for the most part staying offline for Thursday and Friday. I’ve got a big life-impacting decision that is brewing and stewing on the back burner, and hope to reveal that to my readers here before the year’s out.

I’ll be in Dallas tomorrow (Sunday) through Tuesday morning. I’m tempted to cram in lots of networking meetups, but have kept myself to just 3 pre-arranged ones for Sunday, and Monday is an all-day meeting – the primary raison d’etre for the trip. Send me a text message to say hello and add to my meetup roster.

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  1. fare thee well Ken
    Ken Jennings’ ends his Jeopardy reign after surpassing $2.5M in winnings in 74 episodes. My son and I watched it as a part of our daily tradition. We’re not sure what we’ll do starting tomorrow.

    The audience gasped in amazement, and I felt a small s…