Locating the Gospel in Asian America

My friend Jeff Jue gave this set of talks, an excellent, clear, thoughtful reflection on identity and theology from his Asian American heritage, partly autobiographical. (Brillant snarky contrast between “Where are you from?” vs. “Where are you really from?”)

A Home of One’s Own: Locating the Gospel in Asian America
(From the October 2004 Conference on Faith and Culture hosted at Grace Chinese Christian Church in Herndon, Virginia)

Messages by Dr. Jeffrey K. Jue (Westminster Theological Seminary), in MP3 format

Session 1: Asian American History [dialup / broadband]
Session 2: Asian American Theology [dialup / broadband]
Session 3: Questions and Answers [dialup / broadband]
Session 4: Every People and Nation [dialup / broadband]

Also see his recommended books list: “What 5 or 10 Books Should Be In Every Pastor’s Library In The Discipline That You Teach?

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  1. tony sheng says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for posting these. I just started listening to msg 1 tonight on a long drive. One thing struck me – ‘is there any basis for churches that are not multi-cultural anymore?’ … or something like that he said.

  2. Bumble says:

    Thank you! I have finished the whole set. Very valuable stuff. I will use it to stimulate some thinking to a few other friends…

  3. Hedonese says:

    Great to see a contextualised expression of the faith here!