Live from Rocketown

This entry is getting posted live from Rocketown, a mini-complex for teens to hangout, skatepark, music, and get online, a few blocks away from the Convention commotion. Lots of teens here having a great time. One of the guys behind the counter appreciated my “I’m blogging this” t-shirt, and let me in to take a look without the cover charge. And then I was promptly scanned with a wand to make sure I wasn’t armed. Well, I was armed with a digital camera, but that was okay. I’m not taking photos b/c its too dark, and I don’t want to use flash and draw attention.

Getting to blog at the Emergent Convention is challenging without WiFi. One person suggested that the next Emergent whatever-it-is should be held at a WiFi-enabled city. There’s a few of those coming online, and Nashville isn’t one of them. (Irony is, BlogNashville was held here a few weeks ago. Wasn’t sure if they had live blogging.) Met lots of great people and hangin’ out with them, so much that, well, I didn’t make it to any sessions.

Except for a small excerpt of the Pagitt & Roxborough learning community. Recorded a few video clips (vlogs) of them thinking and speaking on their feet. Will upload later. One of the salient quotes from the Doug: Deconstructing is not tearing something apart [and throwing it away], it’s opening the covers and showing you what’s going on.

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  1. gavin says:

    wi-fi’s just not on this side of town. i think the blognashville convention was held over by vanderbilt/belmont campuses. definitely not at the convention center. anyhow, i hear that philadelphia is getting wi-fi access for the whole city. i’d love to go back to philly, it’s close to my hometown. shalom gav