live and in person

I just met some other journal readers (#3 and #4) over dinner recently [hello there!] and though we didn’t talk about the topics surfaced here, it was nice to hear that these words were not lost in the waste heap of cyberspace.. and then I chatted with reader #5 over IM recently.. I’m not much into the new AIM 3.0 with news ticker and member icons, the little program is getting bigger and bigger with each new release, and turning into a software beast..

my thoughts today stray toward personal rejection and cliqueishness.. it seems to be part of human dynamics [and particularly pronounced among certain Asians] to be cliquey [being closely knit to a few friendships and excluding others] and for those that have their few friends, they don’t seem to care about other people or other relationships, and obliviously ignore other people and even reject them.. the pain of rejection, and the energy involved in building new friendships seem too high a price to be paid, and so people will isolate themselves in their own enclave, live their life their way, rarely venturing outside their comfort zone, resulting in net zero personal growth.. yet i wonder, is this necessarily the human condition given that for most people, their maximum “healthy span of care” is 6 to 8 people? [this concept is that a person can only meaningfully nurture and care for a limited number of people]

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