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There’s been lots of interest and commentary about this week’s TIME Magazine cover story on Evangelicals. I blogged it earliest, edging out Willzhead by mere minutes. [correction, according to blogpulse, titusonenine was first out of the chute.] Knightopia gives color commentaries on a handful of others in the Christian blogosphere who commented on it.

I’m more interested in what normal people (non-Christians) are saying.

So, checking the blog search engines, and finding hundreds of people linking and/or talking about it:

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Mostly Christians are talking. What about normal people? [update: these links are not to say whether these bloggers are professing Christians or not] Found a few: One called the list, “25 radical clerics“; one titled the list The 25 Horsemen of the Apocalypse and asked “Why aren’t any of them nice people?” One says “… there is a real uprising of evangelical christians who are imposing their beliefs on all Americans through our government.

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  1. Umpire says:

    I just wanted to respond to this briefly. I referred to those in the Time article as radical clerics because by my count 23 of them were radical conservatives. I am not sure why you inferred from this that I am not a Christian. I come from a Catholic background and though I am not religious, Christian morality is central to my value system. Additionally, I have a Methodist minister who considers himself an evangelical Christian as a frequent contributor to Corked Bats. My argument is with political conservatives no matter what their faith, not with Christians.

  2. titusonenine says:

    Bible-Belt Catholics: With spirited preaching and conservative teaching, the South is giving the faith a new flavor
    “If Hispanic Catholics find affirmation in the South, Northerners often experience a transformation. Dianne Rider, 45, was a doctrinal moderate when she lived in Yonkers, N.Y. As a parishioner at St. Mark, she is a strict adherent to Vatican instructi…