Links to Live Summit at Saddleback

Get real-time updates and videos for the Purpose Driven Network Summit at Saddleback Church, May 20-22:

More links here as I have time to post them.

[aside] twitter feeds for Mark Batterson and Ben Arment are unofficial / unauthorized tweets of their blog posts. Anyone know how to get access over to their rightful owners? Mark Driscoll’s twitter is also fake.

[day 1 post-event: very full day. very tired. i tried too hard to cram in extra lunch meeting off site and took several calls too. feast or famine. lots of other great blogging. YouTube video clips take longer to upload than I have time for. I’m thinking of spending more time in the Ustream broadcast room for live conversations and interviews, rather than presentations from main stage, anticipating less live blogging next 2 days; props to my teammates: Tony Steward’s masterful new media strategies & productions + Tony Morgan’s a great interviewer + Carlos “loswhit” bringing lots of energy and enthusiasm + many more I’m too tired to name and link up 🙂 Rick Warren jumps in to say HI (at 13:56) during this Ustream interview with Bobby G; also see Pastor Rick say HI to webcam #2 at 9:40]

[day 2 post-event: jumped in on several interviews + conversations on Ustream today— with Mike Foster + New Media and the Church + more about Multi-Sites at Saddleback and North Point. fun to banter. made a Chipotle run for lunch, yummy! Found out about free book giveaway over at Books @ Leadership Network blog! More next week too! Uploaded more than 17+ PD Summit videos onto YouTube]

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3 Responses

  1. My pastor, Stovall Weems, is there speaking this week on Discipleship. punch him in the chest and tell him that one’s from big John Scott.

  2. djchuang says:

    Big John, I did get to chat with Stovall, didn’t punch him in chest, but did shake his hand. Great guy! See the Ustream video interview with him at

  3. Did Christ Die on the Cross for your sins ?