lines are blurring

I’m listening to podcasts on CD, because my PC won’t talk to my iPod. (as an aside, podcasting is the term for producing a podcast, what’s the verb for listening to podcasts?) First one that came up was Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code, where he was giving a keynote address at Gnomedex, which was his podcast. And this thought dawned on me: the lines between keynote speech and freely available podcast and videos and audios and blogs are blurring. Lines are blurring! This will be disturbing for those who like lines: those who want to know who’s in or out, what’s absolutely right or wrong, black or white, true or false, orthodox or heresy, paid or free, producer or consumer, individual or organization, ordered or random, allowed or forbidden.

Now, I’m going into seclusion for about 48 hours and will stay offline. During this conclave, I’ll be undergoing some Life Planning(tm). Then, off to a friend’s wedding for the long weekend. Happy 4th of July!

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  1. Jackson says:

    Just surfed on though…

    Hope you find your path and that God would lead you with a pillar of fire. 🙂