life is a video game

Not a box of chocolates. Not a highway. This morning was a rapid pace of errands, energizing to me, overwhelming to some. So the day began with a brief planning session, but more things happened than anticipated. During one of my drives, all this felt like a video game where I’m running things from here to there, doing tasks, mapping out the most efficient routes, trying to beat the (imaginary) clock.

What I’ve done so far: cup of french press coffee, accompanied by a breakfast bar. check email. left 1 blog comment. upgraded Roo’s website to WP2.1. returned 3 videos to public library. called my afternoon rendez-vous xeroxing a flyer 65 times and cutting them into half for bulletin inserts. drive to church. drop off inserts. pick up CDs. passed along 2 free calendars. login to get phone numbers for Roo. drive to bank. signed some papers. grocery run at Korean store. back home. unload groceries into fridge. instant noodle for lunch. off to my rendez-vous with Tommy Dyo to drop in at Epic Conference.

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  1. glennis says:

    good to see you again at the conference! thanks for dropping by. maybe next year we can give you a spot in the schedule to share a bit of your thoughts and experiences with AA ministries.

  2. djchuang says:

    Glennis, great to see you again at Epic Conference as well. So glad you’re finding good connections in metro NYC. It’s a great city, and a great challenge too. Let me know how I may of help to you and/or Epic on Asian American ministries any time.