life change disconnect

I’ve been dousing myself with sermons, while I scour the web to index free online MP3 messages.. and the thought crosses my mind, and lingers around, that with all this great preaching and oration, and numbers of churches that have strong Bible teaching, that Bible knowledge doesn’t translate to Godly loving relationships and friendships.. somehow, all that cognitive informing isn’t changing people to love their neighbor as themselves (cf. the Great Commandment – which is what Jesus said was the thing that was important), and I’m not so sure that loving God is quantified in being able to quote chapter and verse, scripture memory, theological soundness.. so the question here is: what is it in the teaching and preaching of the Bible in this manner that inhibits the listener from loving others better?

I’m not ready to say that only the Bible taught in this expository or doctrinal cognitive way is the only way to transform the heart of people so that they would be more loving, and as if they aren’t more loving because they haven’t had enough preaching soothed over their souls..

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