Liberals Like Christ

Liberals Like Christ
fascinating rationale that Jesus was a liberal, rather than the common notion of being a conversative as loudly trumpted by the “Religious Right”, and this site asserts a whole different and contrasting perspective of how to apply the meaning of the text to life and politics

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  1. Ray D. says:

    Glad you found our website worthwhile enough to speak of it to your readers and include us in your Links. Thank you and best wishes.

  2. The Blakely Family says:

    We are deeply disappointed with America’s choice to elect George Bush as president but was so very deeply moved at Senator Kerry’s strong insistence to continue to try to unite the country. Our family, as he said, has learned so very much about the personal battlefields and tragedys that have befallen our fellow Americans. I will continue to speak out in defense of the true colors of Jesus Christ’s sympathy and love for all God’s people in spite of the fact that many are Jews, Hindu, Moslems etc. Senator Kerry has truly inspired my family “to hang in there” and fight for the true meaning of Christianity and the Democratic party of the people. We will not give up here; it is only the beginning. May God bless us all !

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