Let’s get missional, missional…

Missional communities are the conversations du jour among church leaders, escalating during the past few years. Now there are gatherings (conferences) that revolve around how we can be more missional. (Several local and regional gatherings have already happened, though I haven’t been counting.)
A regional (free) unconference about missional churches is happening this weekend called Verge LA. I’ll be there most of today. Definitely want to hear Kevin Doi, currently scheduled at 1:45pm, and you can watch via livestream at ecclesianet.com. And, I’ll get to meet in person, JR Woodward, host of the unconference. (cf. my interview with Kevin Doi)

But wait, there’s more!

A national gathering is ramping up in Austin, called VERGE: Missional Community Conference.

Listen to my interview with Michael Stewart (one of the Verge organizers at the Austin Stone Community Church) about this national Verge.

I’m putting together a social media team for the Verge in Austin, those who will host online conversations around becoming & being missional communities, both before and during the Verge conference. Start those conversations via blog, Twitter, Facebook, podcast, Youtube, etc. Verge wants to empower and release conversations both online and on-site. Undoubtedly, (our hope is) the convos will continue even after the Austin gathering. Want to be a part of this social media team? Add a comment, especially if you’d like to win a free registration. One spot left.

And one more thing. I’ll be there, at both Verge‘s — would love to meetup with you on-site there!

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10 Responses

  1. Doug Murphy says:

    Sounds exciting and very needed

  2. Steve K. says:

    There’s also a missional community formation event coming up that’s *not* called “Verge” 😉

  3. Gordon Wu says:

    Hey Dj! social media team! hit me up, I can help!

  4. Vince says:

    We’ll have to connect while you’re in town DJ

  5. Vince says:

    oh and hit me up for the team, we can bring our broadcast rig

  6. djchuang says:

    @Vince, would love to connect with you in Austin. Do bring your broadcast rig – there’ll be lots of great conversations to capture and people to meet!