Leaving a Lasting Legacy Among Asian Americans

Some of you know that one of the hats I wear is working for L2 Foundation, developing leadership and legacy for Asian Americans. So, I was delighted to see the following ChristianityToday.com/MoneyandFaith.net interview with the Chou’s about L2 Foundation and more.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy Among Asian Americans
Paul and Alice Chou are training Christians to lead with character and courage.

Interview by Ted Rodgers

The Chou Family Foundation, also called L2 Foundation, specializes in developing leaders among Asian-American Christians and enabling them to leave a legacy behind that will encourage and strengthen the church. The foundation also oversees a ministry in China that trains students in business schools and classrooms, emphasizing the importance of character and ethics in the marketplace. We interviewed Paul and Alice Chou, who live in Raleigh, North Carolina, about their role with L2 Foundation, and where they see God taking their ministry in the future.

Read the full article.

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    Hey DJ –

    Thx for pointing your readers to this article on Asian American Christians. We appreciate your commentary on the piece, and your continued interest in what we’re doing here at CTI.

    Have you read Mark Noll’s book review that ran online back on June 5? I don’t want to add the link here (in case someone would think I’m just spamming your blog post). But, please shoot me an email if you’re interest in reading the piece titled, “America’s Growing Asian Churches.”

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