Leadership Network Learnings

In between running errands today, which has felt like a full day of errands, I’ve been a part of launching a new team blog, Leadership Network Learnings! Over a dozen of us ‘directors’ that serve alongside (and often behind-the-scenes) of innovative churches learn a lot of things all the time, especially how God is moving and inspiring people to do ministry in newly effective ways! Now we’re going out on a limb in (almost) real-time to talk about what we’re learning on this team blog.

Geoff Surratt invites your feedback about multi-site churches in his post titled, The Multi-site Storm:

Is multi-site a theologically sound way for a church to expand? Is it viable for a wide range of churches? Does it “rub you the wrong way”? I’ve invested the last five years of my life pursuing a multi-site vision, I’d love to hear from all sides of the discussion.

Spread the word! (now it’s time for 2 more errands..)

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