leadership = discipline + insomnia

lots of things going through my brainwaves, will mention a few here.. 2 thoughts on the ingredients of leadership, those who are effective leaders seem to have these: methodical personal discipline, and need less than 8 hours of sleep a night. Many other ingredients are also necessary, but these 2 seem to make the difference between a top leader versus an average one; thus my need for 8 hours of sleep per night will keep me from the performance level required for bigger things, and I’m okay with that.

I found Jordon’s wording of his recent departure, On Leaving Lakeview, kindly worded.. and would be akin to how best to describe my movements from one church to another.. it seems to me that to leave a church and into another one is rather disturbing to some people (along with new church startups), when in fact, I see that God accomplishes good things by moving people to new places where all can thrive and new people can be reached.. the critical eye should be applied to those who stay within a church context, stagnate, and fail to ask important questions… (also found this interview with Brian McLaren)

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