law and sin

Q: What is the view of the Old Testament laws? Do they still apply? In view of Christians as new creations in Christ, should we be trying to follow these laws to stop from “sinning”. (ref. Romans 6). What is our guidelines in terms of what is a sin and what is not, so we can follow some guidelines?

ePastor >> The Old Testament law comprises of civic laws, ceremonial laws, and moral laws. The moral laws still apply. The ceremonial and civic laws were given for the local context of the Jews only and do not apply. We can try to follow the laws with intent to stop sinning, but I think Romans 7-8 is more realistic in describing how it actually works: that we live life between good and evil, spirit and flesh. We live by faith in obeying God’s Word, which to me means that we don’t know how long we can go without sinning. Can you stop sinning for a day? An hour? A minute? If you can, you’re way a holier person than I. But we can know our heart’s intention of obedience, and we can know when we’ve violated God’s Spirit if we do something wrong. We know in our heart more than in our head. The escape clause is 1 John 1:9, that when we discover we’ve sinned, we simply confess it, and God will clean us up.

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