launching new blog on technology and church

Live from Dallas, Leadership Network launches a new blog on technology and church at ! We’ve rallied together an enthusiastic team of contributors who will talk about everything from websites, social networking, mobile phone devices, podcasting, wiki, and more! (Read the back story here.) We are aiming to unpack the technical jargon and gobblygook so that non-techies and church leaders can better understand how various digital technologies can be used in the church to connect its members and attenders as well as reach its surrounding communities and even the world.

Please spread the word via word of mouth and word of mouse!

What I’m realizing is that there’s this big divide between normal people and techies (aka geeks) like myself. (Yes, learning to embrace my geekiness.) So while we all use email and some of us use IM or txt messaging, most normal people are just beginning to get their way around a word processor or sending emails. So when other technologies that have been made available to the masses like wiki, blogging, and podcasting, many people don’t know what to do with any of that. It’s like the trite joke of trying to set the clock on a VCR that still blinks 12:00. And I know there are other great blogs out there that do talk about technology and church, so I hope that with increased chatter and buzz about this area, we’ll see more awareness and understanding, and that decision makers will be more comfortable and unleash their church’s potential in using the tools of technology better and more effectively.

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