launching new Asian American theology book

Here’s the official news about the new book from L2 Foundation:

New book on Asian American TheologiesCONVERSATIONS

A newly published new book titled “CONVERSATIONS: Asian American Evangelical Theologies in Formation” provides distinct theological reflections in an Asian American context with evangelical perspectives. This book is edited by DJ Chuang and Timothy Tseng, and published by L2 Foundation.

L2 Foundation’s founder Paul Chou observed that Eastern cultures say “control yourself” while Western cultures say “express yourself.” But Jesus Christ says “offer yourself!” Asian Americans have a unique vantage point to extrapolate from both Eastern and Western cultural perspectives in light of the Word of God. L2 believes that an integrated and contextualized theology is foundational and critical for the health and future of the Asian American church.

This book brings together the conversations that are starting to form Asian American evangelical theologies. Various perspectives are shared along the themes of identity and community. This compilation consists of works from Peter Cha, Timothy Tseng, Paul Lim, David Yoo, Lori Pierce, Paul Spickard, James Zo, and Jeffrey Jue.

I feel I’ve run out of creative juices after editing and publishing a 2nd book in less than a year. So the above short announcement is to get the word out and get the ball rolling. I’m doing lunch with my co-editor Tim Tseng in 15 minutes, so we’ll chat about this and other exciting things happening with his Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity.

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  1. Congrats on the new book, DJ. I hope it finds the best nooks and crannies of the educational world, along with effective exposure to the masses in order to grow the correct discussions needed in this less than perfect world.

    mike.herman/that CTI guy

  2. Sivin says:

    Looks good … I like the title 🙂