launching 2 new goodies

New things come with the new year! This week I’m launching 2 new goodies for Asian Americans:

  1. a collaborative wiki for Asian American church plants
  2. L2 Foundation Blog

The best-known wiki in the world is Wikipedia, which in essence has supplanted the likes of Encyclopedia Britannica, amassing the wisdom of the crowd, so anyone & everyone with bits of knowledge can contribute by editing web pages live. I’ve setup the Asian American church plants wiki b/c I don’t know everything everywhere. So if you know some new church plants that aren’t listed, register for a free account, and add it to the wiki!

“New churches have freedom to be innovative,” observes [Pastor Tim] Keller, his own congregation [Redeemer Presbyterian Church] the fruit of a church plant in 1989. “They become the ‘research and development’ department for the whole body of Christ in a city. They attract a higher percentage of venturesome people who value creativity, risk, innovation and future orientation.” — from by Faith Online

And, over at the L2 Foundation Blog, I’ll be blogging on behalf of the private foundation that’s developing leadership and legacy for Asian Americans. As I find useful resources, I’ll blog about them over there. I also hope to add interviews and case studies there also.

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No Responses

  1. Lon says:

    Hey DJ, thanks for setting up the Wiki, great links and much needed!

  2. Ben says:

    nice wiki. do you know about my buddy, Elton Lin’s church in san jose: Haven? He planted it with Victor Wong. check it out:

  3. djchuang says:

    Ben, that’s the beauty of a wiki, you (and others) can sign in (for free) and add/edit the list(s) there! I’ve added Haven now, thanks for the tip! If you know of others, just login there and add them!