latte lent lapse

some of you might’ve been able to navigate this dilemma better.. (MT deleted my attempted entry b/c I had the wrong timestamp format, argh, so I’m reconstructing an abbreviated blog entry) I had ordered a vanilla creme (which would have not been a coffee drink), changed it to a vanilla latte, barista served it up, and at that moment it dawned on me that it was an espresso drink(!) and being motivated less from the temptation and more from embarrassment of having to change my order b/c I gave up coffee (and drinks involving coffee beans or flavor) for Lent and not sure I’d get a free replacement drink or if I’d have to pay another one altogether.. I failed at my first attempt at “giving up something for Lent”, and now the decision on the table is: do I finish our Lent sans coffee, or do I return to my coffee-enhanced life in defeat..

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  1. jos' says:

    The thing I tell my crew here is that Lent isn’t meant to be a yoke or a burden per se. It’s a time to consecrate yourself to prayer and holiness. So I say pick where you left off and continue celebrating Lent minus the coffee.
    And don’t forget to break your fast on Sundays. We don’t “mourn” on the day Jesus rose from the grave; we celebrate.

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